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Guangzhou Parts First Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Zhaoqing Parts First Auto Parts Co., Ltd



is the only specialized brake manufacturers of models, grade, roads, national environment. Truly tailored to each vehicle. Partsfirst products are widely used : small cars, trucks, construction vehicle, special vehicles, buses,military vehicles.

O-PURE : O-Pure in the “O”meaning refers to the global, “Pure” in English means pure quality, integration means good quality pure braking system services around the world.

PC-LIFELINE : PC-Lifeline PC in English ,PC the full text is : passenger car intended for passenger cars, lifeline in English means: lifeline. Ad for high-end brands partsfirst, Lifeline has been serving the BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Cadillac La, Land Rover in the after-sales service market, it has been committed to high -level safety braking system research and development.

CV-ENDURING : CV-enduring in English :CV the full text : commercial vehicles. It means : commercial ,enduring in English means : Lasting, durable. Enduring has been committed to buses,trucks,taxis and other commercial and operation vehicle research and development, so enduring brakes can adopt to mountainous, high temperature, wear, brake sensitivity and so on .

Dubai Branch

MAJID AHMED SAEED TRADING LLC is : a brake pad, filter , ball joint, radiator hose, clips, dust cover, ignition coil, belt, radiator, bushing, brake disc, brake pump , clutch pump and other chassis auto parts trading company. Product quality assurance and beautiful prices. We are now recruiting global agents. If you are interested, please call for details: + 971-4-234-826.

WhatsApp : +971553574758



Partsfirst has the ability to independently develop formulas. The company is equipped with multiple testing machines to better ensure product quality

-1. Pressing: Put all the materials into the cavity, and then place the steel back. Be careful not to put it back. Turn on the automatic pressing mode and the press will work automatically.

-2. Heat treatment: The product after the hot pressing must be heat treated. The purpose of the heat treatment is to make the resin full and make the materials more closely combined.

-3. Flat grinding, grooving, chamfering: use equipment combination grinder machine to complete this step.

-4. Ablation: The friction material that has not completely reacted is decomposed to achieve the comfort of the first loading.

-5. Electrostatic powder spraying, pad printing code: pay attention to electrostatic voltage, drying tunnel temperature and baking tunnel baking. Code on the side of the friction material, pay attention to the position, size and clarity of the code.



Covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters and a construction area of more than 12,000 square meters,warehouse Covering an area of around 18000 square meters.

Package : O-Pure and H4H

High-tech Enterprise

High Tech Enterprise

Science is an important internal driving force for development. High-tech enterprises refer to the continuous R&D and transformation of technological achievements in the “High-tech Fields Supported by the State” to form the core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises and carry out business activities based on this. , enterprises in China.